The best fertilizer spreaders for your garden​

The garden is one of the most beautiful and prized possession for any individual. However, you need to invest considerable effort, time and energy into maintaining the garden and ensuring that it flourishes to its best. There are various factors associated with the maintenance of the garden. Feeding the fertilizer evenly in the garden is one of the major requirements for the maintenance of the garden. The fertilizer spreader is one of those tools or devices which plays a key role in the effective maintenance of the garden.

The fertilizer spreader will ensure that your garden is in top class condition across the year and also it looks healthy as well as lush. This is why investing in the right fertilizer spreader is very important. These fertilizer spreaders assist you with the even distribution of the fertilizers plus other types of nutritional elements and in addition to this they also cater to individual requirements of the garden.


There are various excellent fertilizer products that are available in the market. So if you are thinking of purchasing an efficient fertilizer spreader then here are some of the factors that you must consider before going ahead with your choice.


The different factors to consider before purchasing the fertilizer spreader


Coverage area: The coverage area implies extent of the surface area which this device can fill to the top. The value of the coverage area is denoted by square feet and usually the best fertilizer spreaders are those that have the range of between 20,000 and 25,000 square feet. The handheld spreaders specifically tend to have a smaller coverage area since they cater to the requirements of the smaller yards.


Weight capacity: The weight capacity of the fertilizer spreader is another important aspect to consider when purchasing. It symbolizes the maximum weight that the spreader can carry while operating at the optimal level. If the weight capacity value is higher, then it means the product has better strength and utility. Most of renowned models in the market come with capacities that range between 75 to 125 pounds.


Size and form factor: The size and form factor of the device is another important factor worth considering. The three primary types of models available in the market are drop, broadcast and the handheld fertilizers. Each come with its own pros and cons. Before choosing your fertilizer spreader it is vital to have comprehensive information on each model, the functioning of those models, ease of operation and durability.